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Partnership with Kevin Rolland

Kevin Rolland

A partnership based on the theme of surpassing oneself

To accompany the launch of Hydro Master Gel, in March 2016, Shiseido MEN turned to a rising star of freeride skiing. Kevin Rolland perfectly masters the control of the body to achieve excellence. What other sport can express the values that led to the design/conception of this new skincare generation? Freeride skiing pushes athletes to shake up the lines of sport and to take risks. Such greatness requires total body control. French freestyle skier, Kevin Rolland excels in this area. His half-pipe skills led him to win numerous awards: Gold Medal at X Games USA (2016), Silver Medal at X Games USA (2015), Bronze Medal at the Sochi Olympic Games, first Silver Medal at the FIS Freestyle World Championships and winner of the AFP World Ranking (2014).

Underwater skiing
Underwater skiing
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  • Freeride slow motion
    Freeride slow motion
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  • Making of
    Making of

Hydro Master Gel


Dry, rough or oily skin needs on-demand hydration to feel refreshed and remain in control. Unlike products that only treat skin concerns after they appear, Hydro Master Gel helps enhance the skin’s own natural abilities to resolve issues such as dryness, uneven texture and overproduced sebum.


  • Discover the instant freshness and non-sticky feel of this moisturizing quick-absorbing gel.
  • Look your best with instantly smooth and supple, stress-free skin.
  • Enjoy the lasting power of moisture and oil control.
  • Free your mind in an instant shift to a hydrated and well-balanced skin.

Rehydrate. Refresh. Control oil. Power Your Skin.

After receiving 36 awards in 12 years globally,
Shiseido Men introduce Hydro Master Gel.

New hydro master technology

Empower skin to become the master of its own conditions.

Powerful ingredients from nature

  • Peony root extract
    Peony root extract
  • Ononis extract
    Ononis extract
  • Lamium album flower extract
    Lamium album flower extract
  • Birch bark extract
    Birch bark extract

Test results

Immediately after application

Tested on 111 men in Spain in March 2015

98% of men felt their skin appeared more moisturized

90% of men found their skin appeared fresh and smooth

After 4 weeks of use

Tested on 101 men in Spain in March 2015

86% of men found their pores appeared less visible

93% of men experienced an improvement from extreme dryness

How to apply

Kevin Rolland

When to use hydro master gel

Apply every morning and evening, after cleansing or shaving.

Press pump twice and smooth evenly over face. Adjust the quantity used based on humidity conditions and the needs of your skin.

The dewy gel texture blends into skin instantly, with a refreshing, non-sticky finish.


  • Morning Morning
  • Evening Evening

Reapply if necessary

  • After sport After sport
  • Dry air condition Dry air condition
  • Cold air condition Cold air condition


  • Morning Morning
  • Evening Evening

Reapply if necessary

  • After sport After sport
  • Dry air condition Dry air condition
  • Cold air condition Cold air condition

Using Shiseido’s Hydro Master Gel has been a very positive eye-opener! I really enjoyed the long-lasting fresh feeling of the gel after applying it on my face. My skin is hydrated with no shine, just a good rejuvenated look and a refreshing mint scent that lasts throughout the day!

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